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#Workalipsis : The premier of the movie has been delayed
I don´t know what´s happening around you, but near me everybody is suddenly frightened with robotisation, artificial intelligence and the end of work. I´m too lazy to search when i wrote the first post on the issue, but certainly it was more than  two years ago. I am still thinking that the...
Forma parte del cambio: unidos para una Internet mejor
Palabras para el acto Safer Internet Day 2017, 7 de febrero. Salón de Actos de la SESIAD. Bajo este lema (“Be the change: Unite for a better internet” – “Forma parte del cambio: unidos para una Internet mejor ”)  se agrupan y motivan las acciones del Dia de Internet Segura 2017....
Artificial Intelligence: A story of police and thieves
There is an unstoppable move towards automatisation. Besides the routinary jobs that do not need special skills to be performed, news show us that even the more sophisticated jobs are not safe of not being taken by robots and algorithms. On one hand, the role of middle managers looks to be...